… constructed wetlands, sewage sludge reed beds, natural stormwater treatment, green roofs with helophytes, floating islands, natural swimming pools …

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'Closed Cycles and the Circular Society' Symposium in Wädenswil, Switzerland, 2. - 4. September 2020

The long version of our presentation "Wetland roofs – a multifunctional green roof type - Basics and perspectives from engineering practice" is…

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Design planning for constructed wetlands in municipality Friedenfels, Germany

We have been commissioned by the municipality Friedenfels (district Tirschenreuth in Bavaria, Germany) to design a new wastewater treatment plant for…

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Water Treatment System for Hefei Central Park

We have been commissioned by Wasser Hannover GmbH to to design water-related treatment systems of the Hefei Central Park (15 km²) in Anhui province,…

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[Translate to Englisch:] Versuchsaufbau für die Entwicklung eines selbstansaugenden Hebers
Development of a self-starting syphon (lifter) for constructed wetlands with high flow rates

We commissioned the engineering office for hydraulic and hydrometry in Habichtswald (Germany) to design and test a multiple syphon (lifter) for the…

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